Moleskine Laptop 15 Inch Case

Moleskine Laptop 15 Inch Case

Book Title: Moleskine Laptop 15 Inch Case

Author: John Doe

Format: Paperback | 1 pages

Publication Date: 06 Jun 2012

ISBN-13: 9788866139799

The Moleskine Laptop Case is the stylish way to protect and carry digital creativity. Made from coagulated polyurethane on a woven support, it has stretch fabric on the sides and bottom to ensure the best laptop fit. The 15'' Laptop Case comes with the iconic Moleskine elastic band closure, ivory velour lining and light padding help protect the laptop, as well as an 'in case of loss' label and the Moleskine logo is embossed on the back. Also available to fit 10'' and 13'' laptops.