Engineering Elephants

Engineering Elephants

Book Title: Engineering Elephants

Author: Andrea Beaty

Format: Paperback | 44 pages

Publication Date: 02 Apr 2010

ISBN-13: 9781449058166

As engineering professors, we have both been teaching at the university level and conducting research in nanotechnology and engineering education for several years. After having our families, we have discovered that there is a lack of children's books on engineering geared toward young children ages 4-8. Engineering education is a growing issue in our nation, and all research points towards engaging children in engineering concepts when they are at these young, impressionable ages. We have developed this children's book on engineering targeted for ages 4-8 based on experiences that we have had in engineering education and research. Our goal with this book is to show children some exciting things that engineers design and engage them through humor and their own creativity.