Daffodils in December

Daffodils in December

Book Title: Daffodils in December

Author: Tara Westover

Format: Paperback | 188 pages

Publication Date: 08 Jul 2009

ISBN-13: 9781449001834

'Daffodils in December' is the true story of how the lives of two young children were changed forever, by an evil and sadistic man trusted to care for them. It is a personal journey of discovery. Max and Sophie were close as children, but their bond was shattered by a man they grew to fear and despise. For years Sophie felt as though they had drifted so far apart, the bond would never be found again. Sophie went through her life going from one abusive relationship to another and finally realised that the only person she had to love and forgive was herself. This is the story of how she decided to take a chance and put her heart on the line and reach out to the brother she had never stopped loving and hope that he would return that love, and perhaps the bond they had shared as children, could be found again. It is a story of hope.