Existential Therapies

Existential Therapies

Book Title: Existential Therapies

Author: Ernesto Spinelli

Format: Paperback | 232 pages

Publication Date: 14 Dec 2016

ISBN-13: 9781446201299

What does it mean to practice therapy in an existential way? What are the different existential approaches? What are their strengths and limitations?

Focusing on practical, face-to-face work with clients, the book introduces students to six existential therapies, highlighting areas of commonality and difference, and discusses key figures and their contributions, including Yalom, van Deurzen, Spinelli, Frankl and Laing. It outlines the critical perspectives and key debates, and presents implications for practice, reflection and further reading.

Fully updated to reflect current issues, this book now includes:

* Sections presenting research evidence for each approach

* An extended case study running through the book, demonstrating how different therapies might approach the same case

* Chapter overviews, questions for reflection, and additional case studies of actual existential practice.