Debrett's Handbook

Debrett's Handbook

Book Title: Debrett's Handbook

Author: Debrett's

Format: Hardback | 480 pages

Publication Date: 16 Oct 2014

ISBN-13: 9780992934811

Thee authoritative guide to written forms of address and social correspondence, has now been revised, updated and expanded to encompass modern manners and everyday behaviour in a new publication: Debrett's Handbook. This weighty 480-page compendium of advice is a stylish hardback book, with a beautiful red and gold-embossed front cover. With informed insights on a range of formal occasions - including royal garden parties, black tie events, weddings and christenings - Debrett's Handbook is a trustworthy companion to social life and rites of passage. In addition, Debrett's Handbook addresses many modern dilemmas, including social graces, dress codes, mobile manners and dining etiquette. It offers advice on civilised hosting and entertaining, from formal dinner parties to drinks parties, informal suppers and overnight stays.