Don Troiani's Civil War Soldiers

Don Troiani's Civil War Soldiers

Book Title: Don Troiani's Civil War Soldiers

Author: Don Troiani

Format: Hardback | 208 pages

Publication Date: 01 Dec 2017

ISBN-13: 9780811719704

In the world of historical painting, Don Troiani stands alone, universally acclaimed for the accuracy, drama, and sensitivity of his depictions of America's past. His images, both stirring and informative, define the view Americans have of the epochal Civil War.

In this new collection of Troiani artworks, ten years in the making, Troiani teams his signature large format battle paintings with detailed paintings of both Union and Confederate soldiers along with over three hundred photographs of uniforms, equipment, and artifacts from the nation's most respected museum and private collections to give a full picture of the life of the Civil War soldier. Civil War uniform and equipment experts Earl J. Coates and Michael McAfee have contributed accompanying text. Includes 50 paintings and over 300 photographs.